Marine Moms Online was first conceived in late Spring 1996 from the worry, fear, pride and devotion of USVetMom01 (Sonja, formerly USMCMom01), whose son David left home in February of that year to become a U.S. Marine. She desperately yearned to share the unequaled pride as well as the deep heartache of being a Marine's mom with others that would truly understand her feelings.

After a year of struggling with the pain of separation and the many adjustments for both herself and her son, Sonja's dream became a reality when several Marine moms found their way to each other online.

After searching the internet and finding the message boards in Military City Online, USMC Mom01 made contact with several other moms in the Spring of 1997. First, she found a message posted by MarineMom2 (Linda) regarding the pride she felt in her son. Elated at finding another Marine mom who might possibly understand her feelings, USMC Mom01 immediately e-mailed MarineMom2. And there it began.

The MCO message boards introduced Ladyscout (Anita) to USMC Mom01. Searches of AOL member directories for anyone with "Marine" in the name brought Bobs Catt (Cat, now SemperFiMMO) Bette S1 (Bette) into the small circle of Marine mom friends.

Through e-mail and instant messages, these Marine mothers, each of whom longed to talk with other moms who understood the immense pride and emotional roller coaster of being the parent of a U.S. Marine, found the support and solace for which each had so diligently searched.

Borne from those difficult early days of boot camp, combat and infantry training, and MOS schools, the group officially debuted July 7, 1997 with Marine Moms Online chat, the brainchild of USMC Mom01, and included a handful of dedicated Marine Moms who met online each Tuesday evening to lend support and comfort, and share the joys and pride of being a Marine mom.

This small group of friends actively sought other Marine parents through MCO bulletin boards and military chat rooms, and within a month more than 25 family members of Marines found their way into the group, which then included a father, a brother, and the grandmother of two U.S. Marines. NanaT1995 (Teresa) then joined the group, bringing with her a new Thursday night chat and a small group of Marine moms she had found through her search for support.

Today, our ever growing group is comprised of thousands of members, and includes moms, dads, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, wives, fiancées, girlfriends, retired Marines, active Marines, recruiters, and drill instructors.

The initial mission of Marine Moms Online was to provide support and encouragement for parents of U.S. Marines, an outlet to air concerns, receive and offer information, and share experiences. With additional members came new ideas, creativity and energy, and the group now participates in writing to Marines of those in the group, supporting Marines who have little family support, writing to Recruits in boot camp in need of encouragement, collecting videos suitable for viewing by Recruits in the Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning platoons, and many more projects.

"I just knew how much we could all benefit from coming together," says USMC Mom01. "We started with about seven moms that first month, and the rest is history, for which I take no credit. I just stand amazed at the talent and creativity, energy and enthusiasm, but especially the love and compassion I find among the MMO participants."

Those in Marine Moms Online continue to laugh together, cry together, share the pride and joys of being part of the Marine Corps family, and offer comfort to each other in times of uncertainty, heartache and the many goodbyes so much a part of the Marine Corps.

It is our hope that we in Marine Moms Online make a difference to each other, to our Marines, our future Marines, and to our country. We will continue to be....Always Faithful