Instructions For Joining Marine Moms Online

Marine Moms Online has two ways to participate in our support group.  

There is Marine Moms Online Email,  and Marine Moms Online Message Forum.

Marine Moms Online mail is handled through Yahoo Groups. You will need to get a Yahoo ID and password to be able to join and access our private mailing group. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Print this page before proceeding so you can refer back to it.

2. Go to - Marine Moms Online Yahoo Groups 

3. Click on "Join this group" which is located on the right side of the title bar.

4. You will be taken to the Yahoo Groups page. If you already have a Yahoo ID, sign in with your user name and password and you will be taken to step 8 automatically. If you are not currently a member of Yahoo, click on "Sign Up Now."

5. The next page will ask for information from you to obtain a Yahoo ID and password. Fill in all the fields. Make sure that you enter the email address you want to use for Marine Moms Online in the Alternate email box. This should be your regular email address. When finished, click on "Submit This Form" at the bottom of the page. KEEP YOUR ID AND PASSWORD FOR FUTURE USE

6. The next page will ask you to sign in. Enter the Yahoo ID and password you have chosen. If you check the box "Remember my ID on this computer" you will not have to sign in each time to access MMO.

7. Next you will get a page that says "Registration Completed - Welcome to Yahoo". Your member ID and email will be shown. Click on continue to "Yahoo Groups"

8. The final page will be the Marine Moms Online Yahoo page. It will ask for your preferences. Fill these in and click "Join" at the bottom. Once your application has been received and approved by the moderator, you can begin accessing all of MMO's features. This may take a day or two. Don't forget to Bookmark this final page so you can return whenever you want.

Once your membership has been approved, you will receive a welcome packet with further information and the guidelines for posting.

Guidelines for posting messages to the MMO E-Mail Group


Guidelines For Posting to the MMO List

(The guidelines are a continual work in progress. The moderators do their very best to streamline our mail in order to handle our large number of members, protect the privacy of our military personnel, and maintain the integrity of MMO.)

MMO1@yahoogroups.com is a special voluntary mailing opportunity available to the families and loved ones of United States Marines, recruits and poolees. MMO has guidelines to keep our mail on track and to focus on our mission of offering support and information. Messages to be posted to the MMO list should be addressed to:


MMO is a moderated list.  All messages go to pending area on Yahoo and are reviewed by a moderator.  We have several moderators who do their best to keep up with the messages and get them out in a timely fashion.  We also attempt to keep them within the guidelines.  Moderating is not an exact science and we try to be fair and consistent. If you have any concerns about the moderating, please contact one of the moderators listed at the end of this message.

Personal Information Policy

Yahoo contributions should be news, questions, or concerns about your Marine/recruit. Please remember that posting private information about your Marine often has far-reaching and unintended results. MMO has over 5000 members including active duty Marines, Drill instructors and recruiters. In the past messages posted to MMO have gotten back to units and caused embarrassment for Marines. Messages containing personal details will be returned to you for reconsideration.

Security Policy

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, we have tightened our security policy regarding military deployments.


Identification of units being deployed
Troop movements
Unit departure/arrival dates/return dates & information
Deployment destinations or locations of deployed units
Military activities including pre-deployment meetings, training and formations
Pre-deployment orders
Length of or extensions of deployments
Information on proposed port calls
Information about future deployments

Messages containing the names of Marines/recruits other than your own loved one will be deleted unless you have the Marine's/recruit's permission to post their name.

If a Marine's name and rank appear in an article or photo caption the name can be posted in a message.

Military addresses will not be posted to the MMO list.

"Looking For" Message Policy

"Looking for" messages may be posted for MMO members with Marines at a specific base, unit, or ship or with a specific MOS.

Looking for MMO's with Marines on the Bonhomme Richard.
Looking for MMO's with Marines who Have a 0231 MOS.
Looking for mom who has a son bunking with mine on the Bonhomme Richard
whose initials are J.S.

The first names or initials of Marines may be included in "looking for" messages.


MMO has a long time policy of not releasing messages about accidents and deaths involving Marines on active duty or recruits in training until the USMC, the Department of Defense or Central Command has issued an official statement or the Marine's/recruit's family are members of MMO and wish to share their grief.

Once a full obituary has appeared in the Marine's/Recruit's hometown newspaper it then becomes public information and messages may be sent to MMO.

If a Marine or poolee from your area has died or been injured in a nonmilitary accident you may send information about the accident/death and services to MMO.  Information about memorial contributions may also be posted.

In an effort to protect the privacy of the family, MMO will not post the family's home address for condolences. In most cases, we have been able to obtain a third party address, such as a local recruiting office, the funeral home, church, an MMO member in the local area, etc.

Also, messages containing reports of Marines or other service members being held as hostages or as prisoners of war will not be posted to the MMO list until the Department of Defense or Central Command issues an official statement.

Policy for Requesting Condolences

Requests for condolences will not be posted to MMO until the DOD has released a notification identifying the service man or woman who has died and the DOD release has been posted to the MMO list by a MMO moderator. (This applies to troops who have been KIA or die due to injuries received in combat and troops who have died due to accidents or illness in a combat theater.)

Requests for condolences for service men and women who are not in a combat theater will not be posted until the military releases a statement or a full obituary appears in the service man or woman's hometown newspaper.

We will post messages for condolences for US military personnel if they are posted within 30 days of when the DOD notification is released by MMO or within 30 days of when a full obituary appears in the service man or woman's hometown newspaper.

We will post requests for condolences for books being made for the families of individual service men and women only. No requests for "group" or "incident" condolences will be posted.

We will only post requests for condolence books that will be presented to the family or given to an appropriate party (such as a funeral home, church or CAO) that will present the condolence book to the family. Requests for condolences to be included in books that will be mailed will not be posted to MMO. In the case that another person will deliver the condolence book, arrangements must be made for the book to be delivered BEFORE a request is posted to MMO. Messages will not be posted to MMO requesting members to deliver finished condolences books.

We will only post requests for condolences that are posted by the person collecting the condolences. No second or third party requests will be posted.

Prayer Request Policy

MMO is a very diverse group. The members of MMO have diverse ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds. MMO is not a prayer group. Members may however post prayer requests to the MMO list. Prayer requests posted to the list should be for our members, their Marines and our members' immediate families and military personnel.

All other prayer requests should be posted to the MMO Forum Prayer Requests.

Card & Letter Request Policy

Requests for cards and letters of encouragement may also be posted to the MMO list. Card/letter requests should be for our members, their Marines and other loved ones serving in the military, military personnel, Veterans and our members' immediate families.

Unit addresses will no longer be posted to MMO for cards and letters. When requesting cards/letters for a Marine or recruit members should ask that members interested in sending greetings reply for address information.

Address & Name Solicitation Policy

MMO is not an Adopt-A-Marine program. Messages soliciting the names and addresses of Marines will not be posted to the MMO list. Members wishing to write or send care packages to Marines should check the following links:

http://www.marinefamily.com/som/index2.html- Supporting Our Marines is a non-profit online support group similar to MMO. Their mission is to support Marines and other military personnel with mail and care packages. SOM is perfect for individuals, teachers, and small groups who wish to support military personnel.

http://www.adoptaplatoon.org - Adopt-A-Platoon is non-profit organization that supports deployed military personnel with mail and care packages. Adopt-A-Platoon works on a much larger scale than SOM. AAP is perfect for businesses and large groups who wish to support military personnel.

Both groups have a good reputation within the military community.

Gold Star Mothers Policy

MMO has always been very supportive of our Gold Star Moms. Gold Star Moms may post poems, links to memorial websites, tributes, articles and memorial information to the MMO website. MMO feels it is important to help our Gold Star Moms keep the memory of their loved ones alive.

Members who have lost their Marines may want to check the official website of the Gold Star Mothers of America at:


Computer Viruses Policy

All virus warnings, hoax announcements and chain letters will be deleted. Yahoo screens MMO mail for viruses before it reaches MMO. Yahoo removes all attachments, embedded images and forwarded messages before it reaches MMO. If you have contracted a virus, please look through your own personal mail and contact those on your private mailing lists or those in your email address book.

No Advertising Policy

Individuals or businesses should not use MMO to promote sales of merchandise. Links to businesses may be posted to the MMO/Yahoo bookmarks or the MMO Forum. Information about businesses that do not have websites may be posted to the MMO/Yahoo files or the MMO Forum.

Messages advertising businesses or individual sales efforts will not be posted to the MMO list.

Fundraising/Donations/Projects Policy

Messages requesting donations or containing information on fundraisers or projects will not be posted to the MMO list. MMO endorses only the MMO Holiday Project. Information about other projects may be posted to the MMO Forum.

Financial Assistance Policy

Messages requesting financial assistance for members, Marines or their families will not be posted to the MMO list. In the past MMO has had a problem with individuals taking advantage of the kindness of our members. This policy has been implemented in an effort to protect our members from scams.

Replying to Messages Posted to MMO

The MMO list is set up for members to reply directly to the original contributor. Messages containing personal replies will not be posted to the MMO list.  Please do send information to all if you have important facts or experiences to share because of a particular subject being posted. You are welcome to post a brief summary of responses you have received in reply to your questions.

If you are responding privately to a message posted to MMO, please remember that MMO is a support group. Our membership is a diverse group of people with all levels of Marine knowledge and computer expertise represented. Feel free to offer support and advice based on your own experiences. However, negative responses to and the harassment of other members will not be tolerated.

Do not use our membership information for any type of solicitation, including the promotion of other groups.  Any such violations should be brought to the attention of one of the moderators.

Do Not Post

Please review this checklist carefully. Mail that does not meet the MMO guidelines will be deleted.


Chain letters/forwarded emails
Electronic greeting cards
Prayers, poems. song lyrics, stories, tributes, jokes (post to the MMO files or to the MMO Forum)
Virus warnings, hoax warnings
Recipes (there is a Recipes & Crafts section available on the MMO Forum)
Craft projects
Personal replies
Newspaper articles (exception: articles about a member's Marine or MMO)
Links to websites
Political messages, information and opinions
Foul language or notations representing inappropriate language
Postings representing the sale of merchandise
Petition drives, letter campaigns, lobbying efforts
Fund raising requests or any other military projects (MMO supports only the MMO Holiday Project and the MMO Leadership Library Project)
Deployment information
Information about other support groups or mailing lists
Negative messages about businesses
Negative messages about recruiters
Negative messages about drill instructors or other military personnel
Negative messages about individuals

Options for Posting Information that is Outside MMO Guidelines

The following options are available for posting information that is outside the MMO guidelines:


Links to websites for Marine merchandise, tributes, news stories and other misc. To have a link posted to the MMO bookmarks please send a message to MMO1-owner@yahoogroups.com with "link" in the subject line.


Can be used to post files, graphics, poems, stories, special prayers and song lyrics. Information about the Marine Corps and the American Red Cross is also available here. There is a limited amount of space available for the files. Older contributions will be deleted as needed.


We have a limited database. Entries are strictly voluntary. Please do not use the database to solicit for any fundraising purposes or personal enterprise endeavors.


MMO members may post photos in this area. Please post in Jpeg form to save space. The photo area has a limited amount of space available. Older photo albums and photos will be deleted as necessary to make room for newer photos. Please do not post graphics to the MMO1 photos section.


This links to an MMO Yahoo chat room available to anyone with a Yahoo ID who is a member of MMO. The chat room is always open however you may want to consider setting up times to meet with the friends you make on MMO. The MMO Yahoo chat requires a download. Upon entering chat you will receive two prompts. The first prompt is for "Yahoo Audio Conferencing" which is optional. The second prompt is for "Yahoo Chat." You must choose "yes" to be able to use the chat room.


This link takes you to a general message board sponsored by MMO but also available to the entire Internet.  If you have a quick question that really only requires one response, this is the perfect place to post.  It is also a great place to post neat stuff (poems, songs, prayers, links, news articles, recipes, crafts, etc.) that is not within the guidelines for posting to MMO1. The MMO Forum also has a chat room available for our members to use. The MMO  moderators encourage all members to use both the MMO1 list and the MMO Forum to receive the full benefit of MMO.

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines will allow MMO to continue as one of the oldest and most respected military internet support groups on the web.

Moderators -

Julie - usnbratz@aol.com
Penny - shamy@adelphia.net
Linda - alaney42@aol.com
Sue- slogue@frontiernet.net
Ann - acrussel@soltec.net
Donna - usmcmom6902@yahoo.com

To Join the Marine Moms Online Message Forum,  you will have to register separately from the Yahoo Email Group.  

1. Go to: http://mmo.proboards10.com

2. Click on Register.  You will be sent a password by email.  After you receive your password, return to the forum page, and click on login in.  Once you are logged in, you can click on profile at the top of any page, and change your password, and set your preferences.

Guidelines for posting messages on the MMO Forum

Message Forum Guidelines:

To ensure the security of all the men and women serving in the military, and to ensure that respect is afforded to all the members of Marine Moms Online, please follow these guidelines when posting messages to this forum:

Locations: The only locations allowed to be posted regarding Military Personnel are those sites located within the United States and Japan. All other locations should be referred to as Overseas or Deployed.

Deployments: Do not post dates or locations of any deployments by any military personnel. Do not speculate about any future or possible deployments. Do not post information about any equipment, clothing, weaponry, or transportation being used in regards to deployment.

Personal Information: Do not post information about any military personnel or members of Marine Moms Online without their knowledge and consent. Do not post information containing Battalion, Company, Platoon, Battery, or other address information. This information should be communicated through email or Instant Message. Marine Moms Online has always had a policy against releasing the names of Marines (or other services) who are seriously injured or killed unless
it is a press release from an official military source

Recruit Training: Due to the secure location of Recruit Training, members may post Company and Battalion Names of Marine Recruits. Since Drill Instructors also have access to this forum, Do Not post Platoon Numbers.

Rumors: Do not post rumors or inflammatory information. Verify that all information posted to this forum is accurate.

Privacy: Do not post any information obtained in the emails received by Marine Moms Online Yahoo Group, or obtained in the files or data base located in the Yahoo Site, or other Web Sites that may be restricted for members only or copyrighted.

News Media: Any information that has been published or broadcast in any media form must still follow these guidelines when posted to this forum.

Age limit: All individuals posting to this forum must be over 13 years of age.

Moderation: Any posts which do not meet these guidelines will be edited. An Instant Message will be sent to the author explaining the reason for the edits. Posts will not be deleted without the consent of the author, unless they pose a flagrant violation of these guidelines.

Marine Moms Online was established as and remains to be a support group for Marines and their families. We are all here for the same reason, and must show each other respect and kindness to deal with having a member of our family serving our country in these difficult times. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, disagree with the editing of your post, or have suggestions for improvements to our forum please contact me anytime.


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